How InPost Cut Phone Calls by 25% Overnight With Zowie

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How InPost Cut Phone Calls by 25% Overnight With Zowie

“I can’t imagine running a business without the support of a chatbot. Zowie isn’t like other solutions — they’re special. And working with them to improve our support is the best decision we could’ve made.”
Anna Janik
International Customer Care Director at InPost

Meet Anna and Dariusz

Anna Janik is the International Customer Care Director at InPost, while Dariusz Wójcik is one of InPost's Technology Product Owners. Together they work to provide efficient, effective customer service that always exceeds expectations.

The challenge

When InPost initially built their support strategy, they, like many businesses, relied on phone support to meet the needs of their users. Originally viable, this approach quickly became costly and ineffective as the company scaled. 

Nowhere was the need for change more evident than in Italy — a market that doubled its growth in the past year. As a result, users were now facing long wait times just to get simple information such as their pickup code or an update on their order status. 

As frustrations mounted, InPost understood they needed a more effective way to handle these requests.    

Having already seen success with the Zowie Chatbot in other markets, Anna and Dariusz believed InPost Italy was a perfect candidate for Zowie’s automation solution. 

With Zowie, they knew they could rely on a solution that: 

  1. Instantly delivered customer information without agent intervention 
  2. Seamlessly plugged into their existing tech solutions 
  3. Offered robust analytics, allowing InPost to identify and track trends quickly  
  4. Was built for ecommerce businesses 
"Zowie just works. You don't need a developer to work on complex coding — you can just drop and go. And if I ever run into a problem, Zowie is always there to help."
— Dariusz Wójcik, Technology Product Owner

The solution 

With the no-code builder, adding Zowie was a breeze. Drag. Drop. Click. And InPost Italy had their chatbot.  

Once installed, the impact was immediate. With Zowie, InPost Italy's incoming support phone calls dropped by nearly 30% seemingly overnight

Backed by Zowie, InPost Italy now has: 

  1. A more effective, cheaper alternative to phone support 
  2. An intuitive solution that’s easy to monitor, update, and improve 
  3. The capacity to handle incoming calls without needing to hire additional agents

Unlike their previous experience with automation tools, updating Zowie was as easy as installing it. With just a few clicks, Anna and Dariusz could effortlessly check metrics, edit existing automations, and even add new ones — all without involving IT.  

Moreover, they weren’t the only ones who loved the new option. 

Chat quickly became the preferred support channel among InPost users.

“We always want our users to be pleasantly surprised with their interaction. Zowie allows us to deliver a positive experience that exceeds expectations.”
— Anna Janik, International Customer Care Director

The result: A scalable alternative to phone support

Zowie has given InPost Italy’s agents the breathing room they needed by delivering a solution that can produce meaningful resolution rates. 

Furthermore, Zowie isn't just answering simple questions. Instead, InPost Italy can easily craft complicated workflows for nearly every package status. Whether users have questions about payments, locker location, or how long a package has been in the locker, Zowie can deliver a fully automated answer. 

With Zowie, InPost Italy has achieved extraordinary results within just the first month: 

  • The Zowie Chatbot resolves 53% of chats on its own
  • InPost Italy has seen a 30% drop in incoming phone calls
  • The average wait time to speak with an InPost agent is 5 seconds

This change has freed up agents to effectively handle incoming phone calls. InPost Italy now boasts an answer rate of 98%. 

"Implementing Zowie was a huge success! We had a vision, and Zowie helped us execute that plan and achieve real results." 
— Dariusz Wójcik, Technology Product Owner
“At the end of the day, we’re looking for a solution that can give our users a consistent, positive experience wherever they are and whenever they contact us. With Zowie, we know we can get there.” 
— Anna Janik, International Customer Care Director

A partner dedicated to your success

Innovative companies like InPost know the importance of exceeding customer expectations. They understand that delivering a superior experience makes all the difference in today's highly competitive market. 

But you don't have to break the bank to offer instant, effective, round-the-clock support. 

Zowie offers brands an efficient, cost-effective solution loved by agents and customers alike. 

“Zowie genuinely cares for your customers as if they were their own. Their deep understanding of the ecommerce landscape is invaluable, and they’ll happily share this information with you to boost your success.”
 — Anna Janik, International Customer Care Director

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