How Wuffes Cut Canceled Subscriptions by 10% with Zowie

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How Wuffes Cut Canceled Subscriptions by 10% with Zowie

“Zowie has things that no one else does. With them, we’re not only providing personal experiences, we’re driving revenue.”
Oscar Bueno
Head of Customer Experience

Meet Oscar and Ricardo 

Oscar Bueno is the Head of Operations at Wuffes, while Ricardo Reyes is the Customer Service Manager. Together, they worked to transform the support department, and today, they lead a highly effective team of 7 agents passionate about providing exceptional experiences. 

The challenge

Wuffes had a wait time problem. When Oscar and Ricardo first took over the support team, customers typically waited 5 days for a response. Email was their primary support channel, and as the backlog continued to grow, Wuffes often turned off their chat feature to focus on email tickets. 

This wasn’t just annoying — it hurt the brand. Frustrated buyers left negative comments on social media and low ratings on different review sites for everyone to see. 

To fix this, Wuffes didn’t just need a better approach to managing incoming tickets. They had to find a way to resolve tickets without involving an agent. As a subscription company, this meant automating more than just order statuses — they needed a way for customers to instantly update, modify, or even cancel subscriptions. 

Furthermore, while Oscar and Ricardo were interested in adding a chatbot, they needed a solution that would be accepted by their older audience — a group who may be wary of interacting with one. 

With these hurdles in mind, they looked for a solution that could:

  1. Improve overall agent efficiency and effectiveness 
  2. Reduce the number of incoming chats and emails 
  3. Provide visibility into day-to-day operations with the ability to easily set and track KPIs
  4. Build trust with their audience by offering conversations that sound entirely human
“It can be very difficult to find effective automation tools because most can’t meet expectations. But once we saw Zowie, everything just made sense.” 
— Oscar Bueno, Head of Customer Experience 

The solution

Zowie was pivotal in Oscar and Ricardo's customer support transformation, equipping agents with the necessary tools to maximize efficiency. With Zowie's all-in-one customer service platform, Wuffes' agents now handle 4x more questions, cutting average response times to under 30 minutes.

With Zowie, Wuffes added:

  1. A single platform from which they can run and monitor their entire support efforts  
  2. Meaningful resolution rates for both chat and email 
  3. A comprehensive dashboard to track and report on all initiatives
  4. A user-friendly, AI-powered chatbot their customers love

Today, Wuffes can effectively manage their international support team. Incoming tickets are routed automatically to the most appropriate agent, so no matter when or how a customer reaches out, someone will be there to assist them.

Wuffes now also offers their customers unmatched self-service options — with the ability to instantly check or update their subscription plans using the Zowie Chatbot and Zowie Emailbot. Not only convenient, this has also helped Wuffes "save" would-be canceled orders, with the bot learning the reason for the cancellation and offering a real-time solution to avoid it. 

“Zowie is great. It provides exceptional value for customers and gives our agents powerful tools to more effectively do their work.”
— Ricardo Reyes, Customer Service Manager

The result: Transformative support that builds customer loyalty 

In months, Wuffes went from long wait times and negative reviews to delighted customers eager to share their experience. And it happened even faster than Wuffes had hoped. 

When launching the Zowie Chatbot, Wuffes’ original goal was to resolve 40% of incoming chats after 3 months. Zowie resolved 60% of questions during that time, and now 79% of tickets are completely resolved without ever going to an agent.

Not only that, but the Zowie Chatbot has helped to prevent order cancellations. 10% of users planning to cancel their free trial membership became paying customers after interacting with the chatbot.

Furthermore, with Zowie now handling most tickets, agents can quickly and effectively address more complex issues. Today, Wuffes answers 92% of tickets within 30 minutes. And they have done so without hiring additional agents

Their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by their customers. Since partnering with Zowie, Wuffes has seen their Trustpilot rating go up a full point. 

Backed by Zowie, Wuffes: 

  • Resolves 79% of incoming chats 
  • Answers 92% of tickets within 30 minutes 
  • Uses Zowie Chatbot to convert 10% of trial cancellations into paying customers
“With Zowie, we feel heard. They helped us create a solution specific to our needs, and we know they’re always there to help us to continue to improve.” 
— Ricardo Reyes is the Customer Service Manager

Revolutionize your support and boost revenue  

Wuffes overhauled their support and delivered meaningful revenue by leveraging Zowie's all-in-one customer service platform. 

Don't ignore long wait times and negative reviews. Zowie allows you to deliver the exceptional experience your customers demand without the hefty price tag. 

With Zowie, Wuffes has a scalable solution that has turned customers into brand advocates.

“Since working with Zowie, our overall customer experience has seen a complete turnaround. We’ve seen a drastic improvement in our support metrics, and that has a lot to do with Zowie.”
— Oscar Beuno, Head of Customer Experience 

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